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I Love It! Daycare is founded on the belief that children should be given educational opportunities in line with their developmental level. This has led to the creation of programs designed to help our students grow into lifelong learners. We have helped many children and have fun in a nurturing environment in Erie, Pennsylvania, since 2012. Here are what a few of our families have to say about our daycare center:

"This Daycare is hands down one of the best, if not the best, Daycare in the area. One of the most impressive things I noticed about this daycare was the cleanliness.... When I first walked in the door for my tour I was asked to remove my shoes or cover them with the blue booties. At first I was taken off guard but after I thought about it I was beyond pleased, the last thing I want is my children crawling around a floor that has everything and anything you stepped in outside embedded in the carpets. I absolutely love their no-shoe policy and can't imagine what my children would have been crawling in at every other daycare, I Love it!:)"—Daycare M. 9/24/2014

"Our family is moving out of town in two weeks and I have been searching endlessly for a new Daycare in what will be our new town and after doing so, I have come to appreciate my current daycare, "I Love It", just that much more. I just can not believe the difference in the peace of mind I have with my child being enrolled here, knowing she is safe and in good care versus all of the other places I have visited.

I know my little one will miss this daycare but I will miss it the most. Thank you so much, to the all of the staff and everyone at I Love it Daycare for the past year, our family will miss you."—Jamie J. 11/4/2014

"I took my one and a half year old to I Love It Daycare for about 5 months before we moved out of the state. I was highly impressed with the cleanliness and quality of the facility. The owner, Andrea, was extremely accommodating to my odd schedule, also allowing me to give short notice if needed and they had the room for my daughter. The rates were awesome and the staff wonderful. My daughter loved going there and sometimes didn't want to leave! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a well-priced, flexible and caring site. I'm sad I had to leave and only hope I find another daycare half as wonderful in our new town!"—Erin B. 1/31/2014