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Helping Infants and Toddlers Grow With Preschool Social Skills

I Love It! Daycare provides families in Erie, Pennsylvania, with access to developmentally appropriate early childhood care services. We work with children as young as 6 weeks in nurturing rooms filled with good toys and equipment.

Infant Program for 6 Weeks to 8 Months Old

Help your children develop from the earliest stages with educational plans that include nursery rhymes, stories, and motor skill development. Each group can only hold four children, guaranteeing plenty of one-on-one time. This room is safe, comforting, and soothing for the children with their own brand-new cribs. Every child has his or her own equipment such as cribs, nappers, swings, and toys. It is important to sign up as early as possible due to our waiting list. Some families sign up while still pregnant. We gladly work with parents that need to get back to work.

Pre-Toddler Program for 8 to 12 Months Old

This program is perfect for children beginning to move by themselves and who are no longer considered newborns. Our goal is to help your child learn how to walk while they build friendships and access toys. Our lessons are designed to be age appropriate, and we include brand-new cribs in a safe environment. The benefits of this program are keeping the children away from others that aren't walking, but they are also not with the newborns, so they aren't limited to what they can do throughout the day.

Toddler One Program for 1 Year Old To 2 Year-Old Children

Children in this program are walking and learning to speak their first words. This program is transitioned into a small room to help them with more one-on-one learning time, increasing their ability to make friends. By introducing routines, directions, and circle time activities, we can help them develop a pace that will serve them well later on. This program includes morning and afternoon in-room snacks, and outside time in a newly built space.

Toddler Two Program for 2 Year Old To 3 Year-Old Children 

The Toddle Two Program focuses on independent education, including potty training every two hours. Additionally, we teach art, music, and preschool social skills in preparation for our advanced programs. Outside time on our new deck, twice daily snacks, and individual napping cots are included. Our team also teaches patience through single-subject centers that all children take turns handling. 

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